• Where Are We Going?

    Who better to help us understand the current state - and future - of a cappella than Deke Sharon, Father Of Modern A Cappella, and Matt Woodward, with expertise in K-12, barbershop, and semi-pro a cappella? On the heels of a continuing pandemic, is the story all rosy? Umm..no. But there are some bright spots, and some things to look out for. Plus, we pin them down on some predictions!

  • Mental Health

    With the legendary Barry Carl and very knowledgeable BriAnne Woodward, we talk about issues in identifying mental health issues and helping to resolve them, both in yourself and in your friends , group-mates, and others around you. We then go further, helping identify strategies for feeling better, in this rich conversation.

  • New Secrets to Promotion

    The Trills have had amazing success across social media, going viral and converting those events into an ongoing trend of growth and development. Pipeline Vocal Project went from zero to 60 in no time, using a variety of techniques to build a fan base both local in Alaska and worldwide. So we talk with leaders of both groups about how they did it - and how you can, too!

  • Gender in A Cappella

    All-male or female? Treble/bass or alto/soprano? All-gender? Something else? We talk about the alternatives as well as the considerations when leading a group - either a new one, or one with a rich history. From trailblazing the way to honoring decades of history, we look at the many issues involved in this important topic.

  • Events in Uncertain Times

    There's a lot to manage when putting on a big event or festival - from venues to performers to attendees or competitors. With all of the uncertainty in each of these areas, we wanted to check in with festival organizers about their approaches. We assembled Allison Miller Thompson, Conventions Director for Harmony, Inc.; Shannon McNulty, Co-Producer of NACC; and Pat Silver, Co-Producer of SING! Toronto to talk about it in this episode.

  • Founding a Group

    Our panel - co-founders of The Ozarks, the Hawkettes, Inside Voices, and Fine Tuned - has started groups from scholastic through post-collegiate, and each has encountered bumps (and amazing experiences) along the way. We talk with them about their journeys, and what they've learned. From initial startup to knowing when to leave, we cover the whole process in this great episode!

  • Inclusion in Barbershop

    From the racist foundations of BHS and Sweet Adelines to the current issues around opening barbershop to all genders - and making all feel welcome, included, and at home - there are many issues around inclusion in the close harmony world. From the culture of choruses and areas/regions to competition, we discuss many aspects in this episode, featuring Kohl Kitzmiller, Shana Oshiro, and Katie MacDonald.

  • To Compete or Not To Compete

    As collegiate a cappella groups are starting to meet in person again for the first time in over a year, there's a renewed emphasis on rebuilding, and working on cultural and musical needs. So where does competition fit into that picture? We talk with leaders from groups in the US and UK, including from the VCU Ramifications, UO Mind The Gap, and Exeter Illuminations, about their decision making processes and what needs to be considered.

  • Kicking Off A New Year In New Times

    For the most part, college campuses are back in person as they begin the 2021-22 school year. But what about student groups and ...gasp!... singing? And how do groups bounce back from a year in which most never connected in person and performances were virtual? We talk with directors from UCLA's Pitch Please, Penn's The Pennchants, Kings College London's Rolling Tones, and Buffalo's The Buffalo Chips about how it has been, how it's going, and strategies for contingency planning, well, everything.

  • The Pandemic – Where Are We Now?

    It's almost Fall 2021, and Covid is still changing lots about our lives - so how are artists and groups adapting? How do you create - and live, if you're a professional musician - in a world where planning ahead means next week? Handling impacts on recruiting and group retention, deciding how and when to bring singers together to rehearse or perform, and when a box video makes sense. We cover it all this hour!

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