• Events in Uncertain Times

    There's a lot to manage when putting on a big event or festival - from venues to performers to attendees or competitors. With all of the uncertainty in each of these areas, we wanted to check in with festival organizers about their approaches. We assembled Allison Miller Thompson, Conventions Director for Harmony, Inc.; Shannon McNulty, Co-Producer of NACC; and Pat Silver, Co-Producer of SING! Toronto to talk about it in this episode.

  • Founding a Group

    Our panel - co-founders of The Ozarks, the Hawkettes, Inside Voices, and Fine Tuned - has started groups from scholastic through post-collegiate, and each has encountered bumps (and amazing experiences) along the way. We talk with them about their journeys, and what they've learned. From initial startup to knowing when to leave, we cover the whole process in this great episode!

  • Inclusion in Barbershop

    From the racist foundations of BHS and Sweet Adelines to the current issues around opening barbershop to all genders - and making all feel welcome, included, and at home - there are many issues around inclusion in the close harmony world. From the culture of choruses and areas/regions to competition, we discuss many aspects in this episode, featuring Kohl Kitzmiller, Shana Oshiro, and Katie MacDonald.

  • To Compete or Not To Compete

    As collegiate a cappella groups are starting to meet in person again for the first time in over a year, there's a renewed emphasis on rebuilding, and working on cultural and musical needs. So where does competition fit into that picture? We talk with leaders from groups in the US and UK, including from the VCU Ramifications, UO Mind The Gap, and Exeter Illuminations, about their decision making processes and what needs to be considered.

  • Kicking Off A New Year In New Times

    For the most part, college campuses are back in person as they begin the 2021-22 school year. But what about student groups and ...gasp!... singing? And how do groups bounce back from a year in which most never connected in person and performances were virtual? We talk with directors from UCLA's Pitch Please, Penn's The Pennchants, Kings College London's Rolling Tones, and Buffalo's The Buffalo Chips about how it has been, how it's going, and strategies for contingency planning, well, everything.

  • The Pandemic – Where Are We Now?

    It's almost Fall 2021, and Covid is still changing lots about our lives - so how are artists and groups adapting? How do you create - and live, if you're a professional musician - in a world where planning ahead means next week? Handling impacts on recruiting and group retention, deciding how and when to bring singers together to rehearse or perform, and when a box video makes sense. We cover it all this hour!

  • Collegiate A Cappella At A Distance

    Bringing together leaders from Rochester Institute of Technology's Eight Beat Measure, Vassar's Devils, and UCLA's Pitch Please, we discussed how each campus is handling the pandemic, and what that means for collegiate a cappella groups. How do you keep music going while responding to the emotional and safety needs of the group's members? Do you scale things back or just charge forward? We talk about all the approaches in this episode!

  • Barbershop in a Pandemic

    From choruses to quartets, from distancing to virtual rehearsals - we covered it all as we sat down with Tony Colosimo of First Take, Better Together, and the Alexandria Harmonizers; Lindsay Chartier-Holdeman of Titanium Quartet; and Tessa Walker of Hot Pursuit. Each brought a different perspective - from taking a breather right now to being busier coaching and directing than ever. How is the barbershop community finding its way through this pandemic era? We found out!

  • Scholastic A Cappella in the Pandemic

    We had a great time comparing notes with Port Washington HS' Dennis Gephart, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet's Lisa Marien, and Valley Central Middle School's Justin Glodich. We started by talking through the abrupt end to last year, and how that impacted summer plans - then moved on to look at how things are going now, and the strategies that each educator has found to adapt their programs and keep a foundation for moving forward.

  • Pandemic Effects on International Groups

    We were delighted to sit down with Peter Huang of MIcappella, Jon Smith of The Swingles, and Lorenzo Subrizi of Rebel Bit to hear about how each group (and each part of the world) is making their way through this pandemic era. We talk about adapting concerts and shows to an outdoor or virtual presentation, finding alternative ways of connecting with the community, and when it might be time to hit the road again.

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